Great to meet you! I’m Janet Walters.

Since my childhood, I always dreamed that I could live a better life. When I was 13 years old, I found a book in my house titled, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, by Joseph Murray. The cover showed a ginormous forehead with a furrowed brow–that must have been his subconscious mind whirring.

I could not believe what I read! I could change my present circumstances and live a better life. The first thing I visualized was to have more food at home and enough money to take public transportation to school and back. Me and my three brothers and mom were barely scraping by.

Wow! I was able get some cool clothes, go to the movies with my friends or hang out with them at the beach.

What I didn’t understand then, and I think many don’t understand now is your subconscious mind acts on everything you say and think. You can reprogram it . . . you need to maintain and take care of it. If you don’t, the negative weeds grow right back and leak back into your conscious mind.

Later on I shifted the focus off of myself and onto others. I felt compelled to inspire, motivate and cheer others on. I celebrated the underdog. I wanted to see my friends and colleagues win. They did when I encouraged them act on empowerment and motivation techniques I’ve developed.

More recently, I became an Empowerment and Motivation Strategist.

It’s my goal to help entrepreneurs to not only get their businesses up and running, but to persevere no matter how bad life appears to be: Examples like when it takes longer to achieve your goals. Or when you fall down. Your business collapses. The naysayers laugh at you. Your own friends and family tell you that you need to be realistic and get a real job.

Great News! You can overcome, beat the odds and win in your life–in your business and beyond.

I’ll show you how to pick yourself up and restart yourself and become your own best friend and cheerleader. You’ll learn how to squash discouragement rise above any challenge.

In a good place already? Excellent. My tools will help you sharpen your game as you become the go to person in your area of expertise and make astonishing strides in your business.

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